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Overview of Services

Is there any charge for making an appointment?

No, the Writing Center services are free of charge to all current APU and LAPU students, faculty, and staff.

Can I get proof of appointment for my class?

Of course! After every writing session, you and the coach will collaborate to fill out a Client Report, which will be emailed to you. This email serves as your proof of appointment. You can choose to forward the email to your professor, print it out and attach it to your paper, screenshot it and add it to your paper as a PDF, or submit it through any other method specified by your professor.  

If you do not receive your Client Report within the business day, please email us at writingcenterstaff@apu.edu and check your profile to make sure that your listed address is up to date.

What if I am located outside of azusa? Can I still get help?

Yes! The Writing Center offers online appointments for graduate, professional, commuter, online, and study-away students who need remote consultation on their writing projects. We also offer face-to-face appointments for students at our San Diego, Inland Empire, and High Desert regional campuses. You can check whether a coach is available face-to-face or online, face-to-face only, or online only by viewing the label underneath each coach's name in the schedule.

Some Online and Regional Campus coaches’ availability and face-to-face locations change, such as Dan R. who switches between the Inland Empire and High Desert campuses. Please check where your coach is located before selecting a face-to-face appointment.

Can I submit my paper to the writing center and have it reviewed?

Our appointments are discussion-based coaching sessions. Rather than sending in a paper and receiving a list of comments like you might receive from a professor, our service offers feedback in an active, writer-led style. Because of this, active participation on the part of the writer is paramount to making sure our sessions are practical and focused.

Does the writing center proofread papers?

As a coaching service, the Writing Center does not provide written corrections. In an appointment, the coach focuses on the "Ten Writing Priorities" and will address higher-level concerns (such as Thesis, Support, and Organization) before concerns like patterns of grammar errors or document formatting. However, if the paper meets the higher-level standards, the coach will help the student put together an editing or proofreading checklist that they can use in their own proofreading process.


How do I book an appointment?

To make an appointment, go to apu.mywconline.com. If you do not have a Writing Center account, click on "Register for an account." Once you enter your username and password, choose which campus you would like to make an appointment for (East, West, or Online & Regional campuses). The schedule will then appear on your screen. White boxes reflect the open appointment slots. An appointment can be either 30 or 45 minutes long. Once you have made an appointment, it will appear yellow on the schedule.

Can I make an online appointment?

Graduate, professional, commuter, online, and study-away students may make online appointments.

How do I schedule an online or regional campus appointment?

When you log in, select the Online and Regional Campuses schedule. The coaches are listed either as “Online only” or “Online and Face-to-Face” with the campus they are on. If you would like an online appointment, you can choose a time slot with any coach and then select that you want the appointment online. If you want a face-to-face appointment, then make sure that the selected coach works at your regional campus on that day. For example, Dan works some days at the High Desert campus and others at the Inland Empire campus.

how do i know which coach i should work with?

Although every coach is capable of assisting you, we do have coaches with specific fields of expertise. The Writing Center employs undergraduate, graduate, and professional staff members. Clicking on an open appointment slot will provide a biography of that coach and show you their area of study. The graduate and professional staff also have their degrees listed directly after their names.

Can I schedule an online appointment with any coach?

Only certain coaches are available for online appointments. While choosing an appointment slot on the schedule, the coaches that are available for online appointments will have the words "Face-to-face or online” under their names. In addition, if making an online appointment is an option for that coach, there will be a drop-down menu while making the appointment to meet either face-to-face or online.

how many appointments can i make per week?

You can schedule up to two appointments per week.

All of the appointment slots on the schedule are full this week. What can I do?

If all appointment slots are full, the Writing Center also offers walk-in appointments. When you arrive, our coaches will ask you to sign in using our waitlist system, and you will promptly receive a text or email with an estimated wait time and link to check your place in line.  

For campuses without walk-in appointments, you can use the waitlist feature on the apu.mywconline.com website. To do this, click on the clock symbol next to the date you want and indicate the time range you are hoping to have an appointment. If there are any cancellations during that time, you will be notified via email or text.

I see several different schedules when booking an appointment. What is the difference?

Both East and West campuses are located in the Azusa area, and the coaches can either conduct online and face-to-face appointments or solely face-to-face appointments. The Regional campuses are located in San Diego, Inland Empire, and High Desert, and appointments can be online and face-to-face. There are additional coaches on the Online and Regional Campuses Schedule who only conduct online appointments. Whether a coach is both face-to-face and online or only one or the other is indicated under their names. The Speaking Center schedule is only for speech and presentation coaching, but it is also located with the East campus Writing Center.

I see that a coach is available for 15 minutes, but I can't schedule an appointment. Why not?

Unfortunately, we do not offer 15 minute appointments. Each appointment must be scheduled for either 30 minutes or 45 minutes. This allows each coach sufficient time to understand your writing project, discuss your goal for the session, work with you to help achieve that goal, and complete the required Client Report Form at the end of your session.

Face-to-Face Appointments

Do I need to bring a printed copy of my project?

We welcome printed copies, but you are also free to bring your computer. If you do not have a laptop or would prefer a physical copy of your work, the library has printers outside the Writing Center that you can print from before your session. For a brainstorming session, please bring your assignment prompt and either paper or your computer to write down ideas.

If my phone starts ringing in the middle of my appointment, can I answer it?

Just as the library asks you to silence or turn off your phone when you enter, we ask that you maintain this in the Writing Center. If you have an emergency in which you have to answer the phone, you can step outside of the Writing Center to do so, but we will not extend your appointment time for any interruptions. In most cases, please turn your phone off or set it to Do Not Disturb so you are neither distracted by ringing nor the vibration.


How do I attend my online appointmet?

After making the appointment, the time slot will appear yellow. To attend the appointment, you click on that box and then below your name, a red link “Start or Join Online Consultation” will appear. Click on that link, and you will be taken to the appointment workspace. This webpage has a chat box and optional audio/video features to communicate with your coach and a whiteboard workspace where you can paste or upload your document so both you and your coach can see your project.

My coach can't see the page formatting in WC online. Can I send them the document through google docs?

Yes, you can share your paper through Google Docs. To do this, click on the blue “Share” icon located near the upper-right hand corner of your Google Docs window, and then click on "Get shareable link.” You can then share the link with your coach within the apu.mywconline.com chat box.

The Website keeps disconnecting me from my coach or won't load correctly. What do I do?

During our regular business hours, you can call the Writing Center at (626) 815-6000 ext. 3141 or email writingcenterstaff@apu.edu. Your coach will also reach out to you to decide whether to move to a Google Doc-based appointment and/or phone call.

Missed Appointments and Cancellations

What do I do if I cannot attend my appointment?

We understand that changes in schedule can happen. If you do find yourself unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please cancel as soon as you are aware of the change. You can do this by logging into your MyWCOnline account, clicking on your appointment on the schedule, and clicking the “Cancel Appointment” button at the bottom of the form.

Our policy is that that cancellations must happen 4 hours in advance so that the appointment slots can open for other writers; however, if you find that you will be unable to attend your appointment within 4 hours, these cancellations will be marked as missed.

What do i do if i find out that i cannot attend my appointment last minute or if i will be late? Can i reschedule?

If you cannot attend your appointment because of an emergency or if you will be late, please call the Writing Center at (626) 815-6000 x3141 to notify us. A last-minute cancellation will be marked as missed. If the missed appointment was your first scheduled of the week, you can attend another appointment later in the week based on the availability of coaches.

What happens when I miss my appointment?

If you miss one appointment, there is no immediate consequence. Each missed appointment is recorded and the writer is notified of the no-show by email. After three missed appointments, our system will disable the account, and the writer may no longer schedule appointments using our online system for the remainder of the semester. However, these writers are still welcome to stop by during our walk-in hours.

What is the difference between a missed appointment and a canceled appointment?

When you cancel an appointment, it is taken off the schedule and you can proceed to make a new appointment later that day or in the week. It does not count toward your allotted missed appointments or toward the number of appointments you can schedule in a week.

Missed appointments, however, are recorded and count as an appointment scheduled in the week. If you miss 3 appointments in a semester, your online account will be disabled for the remainder of that semester. Once your account is disabled, you cannot make any more appointments, but you can still stop by during our walk-in hours. All disabled accounts are reinstated on the first day of a new semester.

Walk-In and Drop-In Sessions

What are walk-in and drop-in sessions?

A Walk-In session is a 30 minute session with a coach who is not on the schedule. These sessions are offered as a part of our Walk-In Hours, a service that is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters on East Campus only. A writer registered with WCOnline can come into the East Campus Writing Center and join the waitlist to attend a session on a first come, first served basis. A Walk-In session can be made in addition to the two scheduled appointments for the week.

A Drop-In session is a session in which a writer has come to the Writing Center for help in making an appointment. These sessions are with coaches available on the schedule. The writer must still schedule the appointment themselves, and it counts toward the two scheduled appointments in the week. A writer may want to come in for a drop in appointment if they have been locked out of their account for forgetting their password, if they receive an error message while trying to schedule an appointment on their own, or if their account has been deactivated from missing 3 appointments in the term.

How many walk-in sessions can I have in one day?

You can have one walk-in appointment in a day. We ask that after each appointment, you take some time to apply to your work what you discussed in your session. Then if you have further questions or concerns, you can walk in again another day or schedule a future appointment.

Can I stop by for a walk-in session if I already had my two scheduled appointments this week?

Yes, you can have a walk-in session in addition to your two scheduled appointments, but we ask that you come in on a different day than the days of your appointments. If the Writing Center is busy, preference is given to writers who have not already had appointments that week.

Can I go directly from my scheduled appointment to a walk-in session?

While we allow writers to attend walk-in appointments in addition to their two allotted scheduled appointments, we ask that you still work on what you discussed in your scheduled appointment on your own, and then if you have additional concerns, you can come to a walk-in later in the week.

Genre and Documentation

We are more than happy to help you with application essays and personal statements, but The Career Center provides assistance with applications and résumés. You can find further resources or schedule an appointment with them at apu.edu/career/

My discipline uses a specific documentation style. Can any coach help me with it?

While any coach can help you with your paper, they are not experts on every documentation style. In Writing Center sessions, our coaches can work with you to find resources and give you the tools to better understand how to use them. If you have questions about what your professor is looking for or if it looks like you’re using the style correctly, we recommend that you speak directly to your professor for explanation of style expectations, particularly if it is an uncommon style.

I don't have access to my style's manual. Can I use the one in the writing center?

Yes. All books in the Writing Center bookcase can be used by anyone, but they cannot leave the office. If you would like to take information with you, you can take a photo with a device. This, however, does not pertain to the Coach-Only binders in the lower shelves. If you want a resource to take with you, you are welcome to take any of our printed handouts with you when you go.

Can I get feedback on APA Formatting?

We have many coaches who can help you to navigate the available APA resources. For further documentation help, you can access our digital workshops on our Azusa Pacific Writing Center Youtube Channel. We also have a handout on APA that gives you an overview of the style and a sample APA paper, which you can access from our resources page at apu.edu/writingcenter/resources/

Graduate Students

I am a doctoral student. Can I get feedback on my dissertation?

Yes, all of our coaches can work with you on your writing process. If you would like to work with someone with experience writing a dissertation, staff writing coach Jesús S. would be happy to work with you face-to-face or online. We also have a playlist of videos for doctoral students on our youtube channel, www.youtube.com/c/azusapacificwritingcenter

I have been out of school for a long time and am having trouble with academic writing. What can I do?

Don’t panic—make an appointment instead! If you can, bring a recent sample of your writing and any feedback you may have received. Our coaches can support you in creating a new writing practice, finding writing tools to support your development, and answering questions you have about new genres and documentation styles.

  • If you're having trouble brainstorming or with organizing your writing, you should also check out our how-to guides and writing samples at apu.edu/writingcenter/resources.

  • The Graduate Writing Blog at apugraduatewriting.wordpress.com/blog/ has posts about various concerns students have, including getting back into writing. You can also watch our digital workshops at our Azusa Pacific Writing Center Youtube Channel to build your knowledge base and confidence.

LAPU Students

I am an LAPU student. Can I work with the writing center?

Yes, you can. The LAPU has a contract with the Writing Center, allowing for LAPU students to attend 2 sessions a week, whether that is in-person, online, walk-in, or speaking.

I am an LAPU student and I missed my second appointment for the week. Can I reschedule for tomorrow?

According to the contract that the LAPU has with the Writing Center, LAPU students have a maximum of two appointments per week. This means that if a student wants a third appointment or if they missed their appointment and want to make another, they will have to wait until the next week. Additionally, LAPU students cannot attend walk-in sessions after their two allotted appointments either.