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Transitioning from MLA to APA: Style, Purpose, and Headings

Shifting from MLA format to APA format can be a bit jarring. Because lower level classes use MLA format, you may be shocked to discover that other writing style and format requirements exist. APA formatting is required for specific audience needs within certain disciplines. Before you embark on your first journey with APA, keep a few key concepts in mind. Guidance in APA formatting, references, and in-text citations is readily accessible online and via APA manual, therefore the three following tips will address APA writing style and structure.

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How Much is Too Much? Balancing Citations within Prose

Finding a balance between talking about other people’s work and your own analysis in an essay can be hard. You want to demonstrate that you’ve done the research necessary to support your points, but avoid accusations of plagiarism. What balance should you strike?

Here are four questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not you need more citations—or if you have too many.

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