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Improving Productivity with Writing Rituals

Once upon a time, I believed all time spent writing was created equal. It didn’t matter if I wrote my essay in a coffee shop, on my bed, or sitting in the grass. It didn’t matter if I started writing after coming home from church, eating dinner, or watching TV. It didn’t matter if I sometimes started with a prayer or a snack or if I simply jumped right in. Once upon a time, I was wrong.

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Developing Confidence as a Writer

As writing coaches, we often hear students try to warn us that their writing is horrible, but as we read through the papers, we see that is not the case at all. Many students who meet with us in the Writing Center lack confidence in their abilities because of various factors. However, as graduate students, it is vital to learn ways to increase your confidence in order to make the writing process much more enjoyable and effective (especially because you will be doing a ton of writing throughout your program!). Here are some tips to help you develop your confidence as a writer:

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