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The primary objective of the Speaking Center is to help students become better oral presenters and public speakers. Additionally, we welcome faculty and staff to utilize the Speaking Center for their presentation needs. Our staff is trained specifically to help strengthen rhetorical skills and produce quality presentations and visual aids. Our speaking coaches will not be writing students’ oral presentations or creating their visual aids. Instead, our coaches will engage in meaningful conversation with students to clearly, effectively, and appropriately communicate to their audience via speech, gestures, and visual aids.

We welcome faculty and staff to refer their students to the Speaking Center. Tell the students why you are referring them; if you refer students to work on something specific, be sure students know what they should focus on during their session. Encourage any student to make an appointment for any speaking project at any stage.

Classroom Visits

We are currently working on in-class workshops. We’re happy to send speaking coaches to your classroom to provide information about the Speaking Center and strategies and tips on planning, writing, delivery, and visual aids. This can be adjusted based on what you need for your students. If you would like a coach to visit your classroom or present at an upcoming orientation, please fill out the Workshop Request Form.





(626) 815-6000, Ext. 3141

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