Who should I work With?

Writing coach

A writing coach is someone who works with writers just as an athletics coach works with their team. In an appointment, the writing coach is there to ask clarifying questions, provide tools and techniques, and guide writers through their writing process. In each session, the coach’s goal is to work with the writer to provide one or two actionable next steps, not to work on every stage of the process for the full project.

Student and Staff Coaches

The Writing Center hires students and professional staff members to coach writers. While all coaches are trained in every stage of the process and the basic rules of the most common documentation styles, not every coach has the same perspective or experience level. Coaches are listed in WC Online with their completed degree and/or program focus to show their respective areas of specialization. Due to the advanced nature of doctoral programs, we recommend that doctoral students select either a graduate student (listed with B.A. or B.S. next to their name) or professional-level coach (listed with M.A. or Ph.D. next to their name).

Our doctoral coach meets with APU faculty and doctoral students. Dr. Tori Dalzell specializes in doctoral writing, and many doctoral students also choose to work with Dr. Jesús Salazar when Tori is unavailable. See our staff page for their bios. Doctoral students are also free to make appointments with any of our other coaches as well.

Doctoral Coach